Celebrate the Season!

Rain, rain, go away; come again some other day……? Over the past week we have received almost 7 ½ inches of rain. That’s about twice the average for the entire month! I do love seeing rain in the spring because I can just imagine the happy sprouts under the dirt, ready to burst through the soil, showing us their vivid colors and I recall the bright green color of grass in the spring when we get plenty of rain. But I have to say this is a bit much, even for me! The dramatic rainfall we had the other night caused flooding in the area, closing roads and filling parks and yards with water (not to mention basements). But we have had a day to recover and I am again feeling optimistic and excited as I look at the emerging bulbs I planted last fall. Their sturdy leaves look so healthy; I know the daffodils and tulips will show their dazzling colors soon. I have seen daffodils already blooming in the neighborhood so I know it won’t be long now. Trees are just starting to show the first signs of tiny buds and the Redbuds will soon show us their brilliant colors. As I listen to birds sing their song and watch the clouds fall away to reveal a sunny day, I thought I would share some inspiring photos of spring in bloom. Enjoy your day!


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