Great Kitchen Remodel

I really enjoyed reading this article on Houzz which highlights a kitchen remodel.  The homeowner’s purchased a home that was built in 1917.  It previously had only one other owner.  The house needed major updates to fit their more contemporary lifestyle but they wanted to honor the home’s heritage, use eco-friendly ideas and stay on budget. 

One of my favorite tips from this story is using material found on-site.  It is amazing what you can find when you look around.  In this house the home-owners framed some old newspaper clippings and used them as wall art in the kitchen.  You can also find great pictures in photography books; inexpensive coffee-table books can be found at used book stores, yard sales, and library sales.

The home-owners found “gold “in the basement.  Downstairs was an old refrigerator with wooden shelving inside.  The shelves and door were used in the kitchen as open-shelving storage and the door on the pantry.

I love back painted glass in different applications.  It is an inexpensive alternative to tile and super easy to clean with no grout lines.  Here the glass was installed behind the stove and painted to match, creating a cheerful orange stripe running up the wall to the hood.

In an effort to save money, a stenciled design was painted on the floor to disguise a floor that was less than perfect.  This is a great, inexpensive fix.  You could also paint the entire floor either a solid color or in a checkerboard pattern.  I love the design they used since it lends a c contemporary feeling to the space.

Finally, they purchased slate chalkboards at a salvage store and were able to create countertops after sanding them, adding a stainless steel edge and applying linseed oil.

I really appreciate the fact that this family chose to re-use and recycle several items in this remodel.  Plus, saving a little money in a few places may allow you to splurge in other areas.  I think this family made some very wise choices, don’t you?


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