Emerald Green is Trending for Fall… again

I thought it would be fun to take a look at a few of the 2013 fall fashion trends and see how they are being translated by interior designers.

Emerald, which was trending last year, is still a hot color for fall 2013. 

The apparel items below are from The Find Blog. 


….And in make-up…..


 Here’s an image of a luxurious emerald green sofa and accessories.                                                      

(I tried to locate the original source for the photo but was not able to.  So sorry!)

And if a green sofa is too much, try a pair of gorgeous vintage emerald lamps.                                                          

I’m going to be looking for more emerald as we approach fall.

Don’t Miss the American Craft Expo This Weekend


One of my favorite local events is this weekend in Evanston.  The American Craft Expo will run August 23-25 with the benefit preview party on August 22. 

For those who have never been, this is a highly competitive juried show featuring hand-crafted work in various media including glass, jewelry, and furniture.  The event is presented by The Auxiliary of NorthShore University HealthSystem and supports breast and ovarian cancer research and care.  The show is at The Henry Crown Sports Pavilion Northwestern University, 2311 N. Campus Drive in Evanston.

It’s really a fabulous show; I highly recommend attending.


Decorating Your Dorm Room

Recently I ran across several articles describing how to decorate a small room.  There are great tips for anyone who may be down-sizing, but also someone heading off to college, looking for a way to make that tiny dorm room appear a little bigger.

Here are some tips that I think would help with dorm-room decorating.

  1. Color:  a monochromatic color scheme makes the most of a small space.  That may not sound too exciting as you plan your room, but you can introduce different textures in varying shades of your chosen color.  Or purchase a couple of fun and colorful pillows to give the room a little pop but keep your linens a pale soft color.  Remember that lighter colors will increase the brightness in the room.
  2. Another way to add a bit of color is with colorful desk accessories.  Keeping everything in the same color family (shades of blue and lavender or oranges and reds) will add a bright spot but not overwhelm.
  3. Vertical Space: keep the eyes moving up.  Hmmmm… How to do this in a dorm room?  Traditionally designers use curtains that are hung close to the ceiling.  Hanging curtains may not be possible in a dorm room so why not try hanging simple art/posters vertically up the wall on either side of the window?  Black and white photographs or full length mirrors would work.  IKEA would be a great source for any of these ideas.
  4. Floor:  A long runner down the middle with a vertical design (not horizontal) will cause the eye to travel toward the back wall.  Another trick on the eye!

Hope these ideas are helpful and inspiring.  Best of luck!

Have a Little Fun During the Lazy Days of Summer

There are some really fun and simple ideas in this post on Houzz from Laura Gaskel that you can squeeze into your final days of summer before you have to get serious shopping for back-to-school.  One of my favorites is the chalkboard paint.  I never thought to use it in a bathroom, but I think it really works!