Decorating Your Dorm Room

Recently I ran across several articles describing how to decorate a small room.  There are great tips for anyone who may be down-sizing, but also someone heading off to college, looking for a way to make that tiny dorm room appear a little bigger.

Here are some tips that I think would help with dorm-room decorating.

  1. Color:  a monochromatic color scheme makes the most of a small space.  That may not sound too exciting as you plan your room, but you can introduce different textures in varying shades of your chosen color.  Or purchase a couple of fun and colorful pillows to give the room a little pop but keep your linens a pale soft color.  Remember that lighter colors will increase the brightness in the room.
  2. Another way to add a bit of color is with colorful desk accessories.  Keeping everything in the same color family (shades of blue and lavender or oranges and reds) will add a bright spot but not overwhelm.
  3. Vertical Space: keep the eyes moving up.  Hmmmm… How to do this in a dorm room?  Traditionally designers use curtains that are hung close to the ceiling.  Hanging curtains may not be possible in a dorm room so why not try hanging simple art/posters vertically up the wall on either side of the window?  Black and white photographs or full length mirrors would work.  IKEA would be a great source for any of these ideas.
  4. Floor:  A long runner down the middle with a vertical design (not horizontal) will cause the eye to travel toward the back wall.  Another trick on the eye!

Hope these ideas are helpful and inspiring.  Best of luck!


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