Happy Labor Day!

I wanted to share 3 grilled kabob ideas that you could use this weekend or anytime.  The key to all three recipes is that they require virtually zero prep work or cutting so you can enjoy yourself.    

These first two kabobs are entrees.  The scallops and shrimp will cook super fast which means you spend less time over a hot grill.  I’ve included the recipes from Real Simple but you can probably figure out what to do just by looking at the pictures.  Using 2 skewers thru the food, as shown with the scallops, will keep the food from spinning on the skewer when it’s time to turn it over.  You could toss the seafood with a little olive oil, herbs, citrus juice, salt and pepper before putting them on the skewers but you don’t have to.  Remember these will cook pretty fast so keep an eye on them.  Just make a simple salad with a side of rice or couscous.  That’s it.

Fresh zest kebabRosemary and Orange Scallop Kebabs

While you eat dinner, turn the grill to low heat or if using charcoal, wait until the high heat has reduced.   Now place your fruit kabobs on the grill.  Obviously the fruit doesn’t really need to cook, but the heat from the grill and the sugar from the fruit will cause a luscious caramelized exterior.  The photo from Betty Crocker shows strawberries and pineapple with mint, but you could use just about any fruit.  Peaches and plums would be fantastic, but in keeping with the no cutting, super simple method, you could buy a fruit platter at the store and have melons, pineapple, strawberries, etc.

Grilled Fruit Kabobs

I hope you like these suggestions.  One more tip:  if using wooden skewers don’t forget to soak them in water for at least 15 minutes prior to placing them on the grill.  Enjoy!


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