Consider a petite home office…

Working from home has lots of advantages but can also present certain challenges.  Like “Oh, I should empty the dishwasher.”  Or “Wow, look at all of that dust on the ceiling fan.”  Or maybe “Hmmmm, when did I last water those plants?”  It can be easy for me to get distracted from the work at hand and find myself sorting “just one load” for the laundry.

One thing that may encourage a bit more focus could be an inviting work space.  Somewhere that has a special purpose; that’s ready when you are.  Setting up the laptop at the table in the morning only having to move it in the evening to make room for dinner is not very satisfying. 

I don’t have much room to spare, so whatever I decide to do must be uber-compact, to say the least.  Here are some petite work spaces that I find appealing.  I love the workspace above since the desk is tucked into a bay window which, although it seems to be in the living room, there is still a sense of “office”.  And like the contemporary furniture with the natural woods.

Even though this takes up more space and is probably in a room on its own, there are elements that would help create a small work space.  The desk isn’t too large and there are similar ones on the market that are smaller.  The ottoman can serve a variety of functions including a seat for a second person, a temporary resting place for some files or (I like this one..) a foot rest!  

This space could be tucked away along the side of a wide hall.  Bonus that there is a window to let in lots of light and encourage a bit of day dreaming.  This one has quite a bit of space on either side but could work in much less space.  


Two more ideas above… Under the stairs and a shelf desk

I’m going to look around my space with renewed curiosity and see if I can fit a home office space in somewhere.

Pooh Corner for Sale!

The house at Pooh Corner is for sale!  I think I had forgotten that the heartwarming stories by A.A. Milne were based on his son Christopher Robin’s adventures.  Look at this beautiful home in England’s East Sussex.  The yard includes statues of Christopher Robin, Pooh and friends.

Back to the states:  Suzanne Somers has been trying to sell her stunning estate near Palm Springs for over one year now, recently dropping the price to about one half of the original price.  Listed at $14.5 million, the home is only reachable by private tram and inspired by the five-star hotel Oustau de Baumaniere located in France.  This home is pretty spectacular, including a nearly one-hundred year old guest house built from rocks collected from around the property, and an outdoor tub where you can take in the breathtaking landscape.  See more photos here.

2 Photos: Suzanne Somers' incredible Palm Springs estate, now half-price

11 Photos: Suzanne Somers' incredible Palm Springs estate, now half-price

new 5 patio tub Photos: Suzanne Somers' incredible Palm Springs estate, now half-price

Isn’t this a gorgeous pool?    Hidden in the Berkshires, the owners have created a stunning poolP made from the surrounding quarry.  The home owners were intent on maintaining the integrity of its surrounding; I think they did an amazing job!


Listing Your Home this Fall? Here are a Few Tips…

I found this informative article from SundayBell relaying 5 places to be sure you clean when selling your home.  Some of it makes so much sense but it can be easy to overlook other places.  I always remind my clients that having just one thing out of place may cause a potential buyer to wonder what else has been neglected.  Something not mentioned here but also important is the front walk and porch. 

Be sure to sweep the sidewalk and remove any cobwebs that may be clinging to your porch lights.   You only get one chance to make that first impression!

And in case you plan to make fun Halloween treats with your kids here are some great ideas from Pinterest.  For several years my daughter and I made this Ghoul’s Graveyard brownie cake.  Her classmates really looked forward to it.  It was a two day project but lots of fun for us to create.  

Outdoor Decor for Fall

It is a gorgeous 73 degrees outside with blue skies and lots of sunshine, but my mind is thinking autumn and outdoor décor.  Not really Halloween, just fall.  I will avoid stalks of corn and bales of hay, opting for something with a bit of sophistication. I did a little searching and came up with these inspiring images.  I love the image above because there is not a pumpkin in site but through the use of color, you still get the feeling of fall.  

What a great assortment of gourds and pumpkins!

This would be beautiful at the front door, yet wouldn’t be affected by an unexpected frost.

What a great wreath.

Or maybe you like your wreaths with a bit more. 

This looks like a mini-landscape and would be great if you were in an apartment or condo with a balcony and not much outdoor space.

What will you do to decorate your outdoor space for fall?