Making Entertaining a Bit Easier.

The holidays can get so hectic.  How can you make it a bit less chaotic and enjoy a delicious meal in your home with family and friends?

MeezMeals will prep a meal and deliver the ingredients to your home.  All you have to do is follow the cooking instructions and enjoy a great meal.  Some of the recent meal options include Kentucky BBQ Tacos with Fresh Cabbage Slaw and Winter Caprese Pasta.  Their menus change weekly.  I think MeezMeals is also a great alternative for entertaining.  Think about having friends over for dinner.  The prep work for the dinner is already done, leaving only the cooking to you.

Want to entertain and not have to worry about the cooking and clean up?  KitchenSurfing is an online marketplace connecting you with a chef from your area.  Have a few friends over, sit back and enjoy a culinary experience in your own home without any of the work.  Less time spent planning, shopping for food, cooking and clean up means more time with friends.  And isn’t being with friends and family what makes the holidays truly special?

Is listing your home around the holidays different from other seasons?  Absolutely.  One thing to consider is that generally, there are fewer homes on the market so your home will have less competition.  Also, you will see more buyers and fewer “lookers.”  Here are some other off-season tips.

On this wintry, cold and snowy day I thought I would share with you a contemporary beach home.

Single Family Home for Sales at Post Modern 93 Savannah Walk, Oak Beach, NY 11702 United States 

This 3 bedroom, 2 and one-half bath post modern house is located in Oak Beach, New York, right on the water.  To me the open floor plan looks like the perfect place to hang out.

Additional photo for property listing at Post Modern 93 Savannah Walk, Oak Beach, NY 11702 United States 

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