Regal Home for Sale on Dearborn in Chicago

Property Photo

I discovered this beautiful home for sale in Chicago.  A single-family home of this size in the city is incredibly rare and the location on Dearborn is ideal.  Plus the home is on an oversized lot.  Designed by architect August Fiedler in 1891 the home offers original stained glass and gorgeous woodwork.

Property Photo

Property Photo

Christmas is only days away.  Are you hosting?  We enjoy hosting, but this year we will be visiting family.  When we do host, I like to put in the extra effort and make the house look especially festive with decorations and I enjoy setting a beautiful table for the meal.  We always use our china, which I love, but it is fun to see how others set their holiday tables.  Here are a few ideas from Domino Magazine.  Which one do you like best?

Who doesn’t enjoy a fireplace this time of year?  I absolutely do but I am not as excited about the maintenance and upkeep required.  With a Planika freestanding fireplace, you can have a fire almost anywhere.  I would love this on our terrace in any season!

I wish you all a beautiful holiday!


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