Keck and Keck

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Recently I came across a home in Lake Forest originally designed in 1936 by the firm Keck and Keck.  I have been a fan of the firm Keck and Keck for many years.  Homes designed by the firm were generally built in the 30’s through the 60’s.  This home, built in 1936 has had quite a bit of work done to it over the years and does not particularly resemble the homes I am familiar with visually, but it still maintains some of their trademarks.

Most of the homes I have seen are on the small side and somewhat humble but I love the relationship to their surroundings.  The plans are simple but very livable.  There is a development located in Glencoe on Carol Lane and Terrace Court; driving through these streets is a bit like stepping back in time.

A respect and love of nature is one of the things I like so much about homes designed by Keck and Keck.  Large windows inviting the outdoors in are common.

925 Sheridan Road


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Keck was one of the first to utilize passive solar power in his homes.  Other trademarks include flat roofs, radiant heat in the floor and a modular design.  Another sign of a Keck home are operable screened vents next to fixed Thermopane windows which allow for circulating air in the home.

Above is a picture of the operable screen vent.

Aside from the Glencoe development, there are several large homes throughout the Chicago area including this one where all rooms circle around and are open to the pool which has a retractable roof.

Emily Henderson, the 2007 winner of the HGTV show Design Star and her husband recently purchased a mid-century modern home in California.  While it is not a Keck and Keck home it reminds me of his simple design aesthetic.  She is sharing their decorating journey on her blog; it has really been fun to follow.

Finally, I thought I’d share these bright and cheery doormats with you.  What a great way to brush off the snow and slush!

Have a great week!


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