Great Home by George Maher + A Little Spring “Greening”





Great Home by George Maher + A Little Spring “Greening”

Property Photo

The architect George Maher designed this home in Kenilworth that is currently on the market.  Don’t you love the shingle-style façade and the cross-hatched windows?  The curve of the front porch extending into the yard is so unique.  And of course, there is the Dutch-colonial style roof line.

Property Photo

The front entry allows an open view of the first floor including the dramatic stair with curving rail.  The scale of this home is not as grand as many of the homes I feature here but I admire the design just as much.

Property Photo

Maher was one of the original contributors to the Prairie School movement and the American Arts and Crafts style.  He wanted America to have its own architectural style and when you review his work you can see that for the most part, he was successful.

One of his most famous works is a commission in Oak Park for John Farson.

Built in 1897-98 this home was a departure from other residences built around the same time.  It was well received by the public and led to several other commissions including the Patten House in Evanston.

Patten was a wealthy financier and grain speculator who also served as the mayor of Evanston.  This incredible home was located on the 1400 block of Ridge but sadly was torn down.  Near the lot of the old Patten house and also on Ridge Avenue in Evanston is the Dryden house.

File:George B. Dryden House.jpg

This home has since been divided up into condominiums.  I would love to have seen the original interiors.

Maher also designed the Kenilworth Club Assembly Hall.

So maybe it is just spring fever and a need to see green but I have been noticing more and more interior photos with beautiful green plants and flowers.

We don’t get direct sunlight in our home but we have lots of windows and I have been thinking about getting some plants to bring a bit of outdoors inside.

They have wonderful health benefits too including purifying the air and increasing humidity in the home.

I hope you have a great week!

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