Beautiful Arthur G. Brown Tudor for Sale in Evanston

Property Photo

I love this Evanston home designed in 1924 by Arthur G. Brown.  Located only one block from Lake Michigan beaches, this stunning Tudor style home has a statement-making portico entry along with a sun room that is calling my name.   Amazingly the home has had only two owners.

Property Photo

Property Photo

Isn’t it exciting to see the daffodils in bloom?  I noticed them almost everywhere I went this week.  Tulips can’t be far behind.  Thinking about all of the beautiful spring blooms made me go in search of some pretty floral plates and platters.  Here are some of my faves.


1. Hydrangeas Plate  2. Blue Flower Blossoms  3. Psychedelic Flower Plate     4. Tropical Exotic Flowers  5. Peony Serving Platter  6. Flower Market Plate

In an effort to reduce waste in the landfills, I try to recycle whenever I can.  As time passes, more and more items are being accepted for recycling.  I try to stay up to date with our city’s guidelines and here is an article from Good Housekeeping listing 5 common mistakes.  Maybe you will find this helpful.

Have a great week!

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