More Mid-Century Homes to Admire

Property Photo

Last week I shared a beautiful mid-century home designed by architect William Deknatel who had studied under Frank Lloyd Wright.

Property Photo

I love the way the house was designed to merge the inside of the house with its surroundings through the use of floor to ceiling windows and outdoor spaces, and through the medley of materials chosen.  Inside you see not only lots of natural wood but also stone used on walls and floors.

Property Photo

I have run across two other homes built during that same period that also offer the homeowner that same serene experience.

The first home is designed by Frank Lloyd Wright himself and is located in Ohio.  The exterior of this home is brick and Wright continued using the brick on the interior.  Along with the brick he included beautiful wood paneled walls and a stained concrete floor.    As is typical of Wright homes there are many built-ins including shelves and desks.   Click on the link above to go to Adrienne DeRosa’s blog and lots of photos of this house.

The other home I wanted to share is in Pennsylvania and was designed by Peter Berndtson and Cornelia Brierly who studied with Wright.  This home is unusual in that the architects were inspired to utilize a radial design.  At the centre of the circle is a plunge pool.  You can get an idea of the circular design in the picture which shows the architects’ design.  Again there is a wonderful connection to the outdoors with plenty of windows letting is light and views.  The home also has the concrete floor with radiant heat below and this time the interior and exterior feature concrete block and wood.   The concrete block lends a warm grey tone to the interiors.  There also are several built-ins such as the sofa in the living room.  Click on the link above to see several pictures of this lovely home.

How would you feel about living in a home with built-in furniture?  I like the desks and shelves but am not so sure I would like to have my sofa built in like this.  What do you think?

Have a great week!

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