Another Beautiful Van Doren Shaw Home.

Property Photo

Last February I blogged about architect Howard Van Doren Shaw.  A Van Doren Shaw home on Sheridan Road in Evanston has recently been listed for sale.  This stately home features many of the characteristics common to VDS’s work including the wood paneling and touches of Arts and Crafts.

Property Photo

Property Photo

The front door is so welcoming.

Property Photo

I’d love to sit here and enjoy my morning coffee, wouldn’t you?

Property Photo


Last March I celebrated the varied architectural styles of New Orleans in a post you can read here.  I was reminded of that post when I ran across this story from Apartment Therapy featuring artist Miranda Lake’s shotgun style home in New Orleans.

I love her enthusiastic decorating style and her original artwork showcased throughout her home.

Her home and style make her look like she would be a lot of fun to hang out with.

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