A Look at an Historic Hollywood Home.

This home is amazing.  I think it is one of those iconic Hollywood homes with a fascinating history.  Although not built by him, Charlie Chaplin lived in the home for several years in the 1920’s; later it was home to actress Mary Pickford.  Over the years it fell into gross disrepair and neglect, went into foreclosure and sold at auction in 1934 for $21,500.  Crazy!  Fortunately, over the past several years it was rehabbed by the owner and now has sold to comedian Andy Samberg and his wife.

The name of the home is Moorcrest.  Original construction was completed on this home around 1920.  The architect, Marie Russak Hotchner is responsible for several homes in the surrounding area.  At that time the area was known as Krotona Colony and it is where the Theosophist Society attempted to build a utopia.  Hotchner was hired to design the homes.

The home features an eclectic mix of architectural styles including Moorish, Mission Revival, Gothic and Art Nouveau.  Quite a mix!

As is typical of this area, the homes are built up the side of the canyon and so the lot has an odd shape.  An overhead view of the area may look cramped.

But as you can see in the photo below, the Hollywood sign is in the distance; the location is fantastic.

Photos: The magnificent Moorcrest, bought by Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom

Photos: The magnificent Moorcrest, bought by Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom

The exterior, with the pool and outdoor living areas seem remote and inviting.

I think it would be amazing, almost like a fairy tale to live in this home.  Have a great week!


Garden flower bouquet 花園切花

What to do? Have you ever been in a situation like this? A few weeks ago I was waiting in my car and noticed two teens crouched on the grass under a tree taking photos of something. Looking closer I realized there was a bird at the center of their circle. When I asked them about it, they said it was injured, missing an eye, possibly blind. They had found it in the street and moved it to safety. So thoughtful. Wish we had a mamma bird we could have returned him to.

My Food And Flowers

Garden flower bouquet 花園切花
Garden flower bouquet 花園切花 Garden flower bouquet 花園切花
Garden flower bouquet 花園切花 Garden flower bouquet 花園切花

When you have enough flowers blooming in the garden and they are great to make a nice bouquet, you will do what I did to enjoy them indoor as well! How do you like it?

花園裡種的適合切花的植物種夠多,就拿來插花用室內欣賞! 喜歡嗎?

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why i write…

A Beautifully Written Post from “Writing for Myself.”

Writing for Myself

I’m kind of at loose ends right now, so why not write? My husband is away and the kids are adamantly opposed to anything I suggest. I have a good book going but I’m a little too restless for reading. One thing about simplifying one’s life is that there aren’t that many things on my “to do” list any more. Meals, laundry, grocery shopping, picking up the house- these things don’t fill an entire day.

I’m not complaining– I’ve worked hard to get to this point and I’m loving every minute of the simple life. It’s a blessing, to be able to think about what I want to do, to not feel crazy and overwhelmed and exhausted. To not be tripping over clutter and swamped with needs and desperate for a break. I like the fact that I can be mindful about my choices, that I can always make time…

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Defining Mediterranean Style Architecture

Property Photo

This beautiful Mediterranean style home, built in 1928, was recently listed for sale in Highland Park. So, what are the features that make this a Mediterranean-style home?

Property Photo

White stucco or painted brick and terracotta roof tiles define Mediterranean style.

Property Photo

Also common are curving lines which we see both on the outside walls and inside creating soft rooms and lovely arches.

Property Photo

Terracotta tile is a common floor material used.

Property Photo

Hand-painted tiles are frequently used. Here they decorate this fountain.

Property Photo
Wood beamed ceilings create much drama.

Property Photo

Some of the ceilings in this home have been painted to lighten the spaces, but others retain the dark wood finish.

Property Photo

Property Photo

Decorative wrought iron is found on the stairs and on light fixtures.

Property Photo
Graceful arcades of curves supported by columns are a highlight in this bathroom.

It is wonderful to see so much of the original Mediterranean-influenced style and materials retained in this home.

Enjoy your week!