why i write…

A Beautifully Written Post from “Writing for Myself.”

Writing for Myself

I’m kind of at loose ends right now, so why not write? My husband is away and the kids are adamantly opposed to anything I suggest. I have a good book going but I’m a little too restless for reading. One thing about simplifying one’s life is that there aren’t that many things on my “to do” list any more. Meals, laundry, grocery shopping, picking up the house- these things don’t fill an entire day.

I’m not complaining– I’ve worked hard to get to this point and I’m loving every minute of the simple life. It’s a blessing, to be able to think about what I want to do, to not feel crazy and overwhelmed and exhausted. To not be tripping over clutter and swamped with needs and desperate for a break. I like the fact that I can be mindful about my choices, that I can always make time…

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