That Old Office Chair

I love finding ways to re-purpose – anything – .  I have a hard time just throwing something away when it is still in overall good condition.  Maybe the color feels dated or the fabric is worn.

Oh Joy's Studio

Old office chairs are a great example.  A chair made in the 70’s and 80’s can be so durable, but that tweedy fabric or vinyl seat is not so great.  While the overall lines are good, the aesthetic are tired.   The chairs above were recovered for an office by Emily Henderson.  Now they are so much fun!

 photo DSC_0602copy.jpg

As with any piece of old furniture, if the lines are good and the structural condition is stable, you can consider recovering the fabric or even painting the chair.   Look at how Jenny Komenda transformed the chair above.

Apartment Therapy featured the DIY above and gave new life with a bright print fabric.  Sometimes you can find these chairs for sale in thrift stores and resale shops, even Craig’s list at can’t-beat prices.  When that is the case, go ahead and buy it; you can give it a make-over and have a chair that is unique to your home.

The retro fabric chosen for the chair above by Homedit works great with the crisp lines of the chair.

Who knew you could do this with spray paint?  This DIY was featured at Living + Loving. Doesn’t it look great?

I have a desk that is in dire need of a new chair.  These images make me think about looking around in local thrift stores to see what I can find.  What do you think?

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