Classic JTW Jennings Design

Property Photo

Architect JTW Jennings designed this stunning home that recently went on the market in Evanston, Illinois. Built in 1894, this beautiful Beaux Arts inspired house features a grand semi-circular front porch with a roof-top widow’s walk.

Property Photo

Property Photo

Property Photo

The main stair is especially striking as it splits mid-way up and wraps around.  There are columns inside and out which are a mainstay of this style.

Jennings was the architect for the Milwaukee Road (railroad) from 1885-1893.

Later he became the part-time supervising architect for the University of Wisconsin-Madison from 1899 through 1906 where he oversaw the design of several buildings on campus.

The Delafield Fish Hatchery in Delafield, Wisconsin was also designed by Jennings.

It is now used by the park district.  Isn’t it beautiful?

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