More Craftsman Style

Property Photo

Here is lovely 1911 Craftsman style home on Sheridan Road in Evanston, Illinois.   On the exterior, the low sloping roof, gabled dormers, deep overhanging eves, and the front porch beneath the extension of the main roof define the style.

Property Photo

Can you see the architectural detail added around the front door?

Property Photo

The design allows the outdoors and the indoors to flow easily from one to the other.Property Photo

The main living areas inside the beautifully maintained house feature lots of wood trim and beamed ceilings.

Property Photo

Property Photo

There are wonderful details on the fireplace mantel and around this door leading outdoors. Property Photo

The ironwork detail on the stair rail reminds us that Craftsman style architecture followed the Victorian period.  Craftsman style celebrated the skill of local workmen, but the curving detail evokes a Victorian feel.

What a beautiful home!

And here’s a contemporary company, Stellar Works, whose products also call to mind the skill of the individual craftsman.  Isn’t this cabinet fun!

Have a great week!


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