A Little Bit About Architect Jerome R. Cerny

Property Photo

This Cerny home is in Lake Forest, Illinois.  The brick exterior features an entry influenced by Art Deco and rooftop cupola.  There are many classical influences including the dental detail throughout and arched windows on the coach house addition.

Property Photo

Property Photo

Architect Jerome R. Cerny studied architecture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Armour Institute, and Yale University.  Early in his career, Cerny worked for notable architects David Adler and Stanley D. Anderson, among others.

Property Photo

He opened his practice in Lake Forest, Illinois in 1929.  Known for designing elegant country homes which reflected traditional design, Cerny was adept at introducing style that would make each home unique.  He pulled from many periods including Art Deco, and classical design.

Another home designed by Cerny, this charming house in the Norman French style built in Raleigh, North Carolina was designed for Truman and Annie Laurie Williams in 1938.

They are both so beautiful, aren’t they?


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