Chicago Gold Coast Home by Architect James J. Egan

Architect James J. Egan was an Irish American architect who relocated to Chicago around the time of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

During his time in Chicago, he was a partner with Armstrong & Egan, Egan & Kirkland, and Egan & Prindeville.

He frequently designed structures with Romanesque details which include semi-circular arches, massive, thick walls, groin vaults, and large towers.  These details lend themselves to churches and cathedrals.

This home at 1440 Dearborn Parkway in Chicago   features a heavy stone façade, curved stone entry windows and bay.

The home also includes beautiful original wood paneling and mouldings, lovely outdoor room and a wine cellar.  Many updates include a new kitchen and updated baths.


He is responsible for a number of churches across the United States including

Sacred Heart Cathedral in Davenport, Iowa

St. Paul Cathedral in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

and St. Mary of Assumption Cathedral in San Francisco, California.

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1400 Astor Street in Chicago

Another mansion in Chicago related to the Wrigley family is located at 1400 North Astor Street.

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The original owner, Perry H. Smith, heir to a railroad and real estate tycoon, hired the firm Cobb and Frost to design the home in 1886.

Cobb and Frost are responsible for such notable buildings as the original Chicago Opera House, the Dearborn Observatory on Northwestern’s campus, and the Palmer Mansion.  I wrote about a Henry Ives Cobb in a post here.

This home is a Romanesque Revival style mansion built of sandstone-trimmed red brick.

Romanesque Revival architecture features polychromatic, asymmetrical facades using stone and brick, round arches over windows and entryways, and thick cavernous entryways and window openings.

In the 20’s the home was purchased by James R. Offield and Dorothy Wrigley Offield, the only daughter of chewing gum magnate William Wrigley Jr.  Mrs. Wrigley Offield lived in the home until her death in the 80’s.

In 1983 the home was auctioned off for the amazing price of $600,000.00 and has undergone many updates and an addition.

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Theurer-Wrigley Mansion in Chicago

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The home at 2466 North Lakeview in Chicago, also known as the Theurer-Wrigley mansion is on the market.
Located in Lincoln Park this gorgeous home faces Lincoln Park Lagoon and offers views of Lake Michigan.

Built in 1896, the four-story Italian Renaissance-style mansion includes nine bedrooms, a conservatory wine room, walk-in safe and a ballroom. Also on the property is a 3-story coach house.

Theurer, owner of the Schoenhofen Brewing Company commissioned architect Richard Schmidt to design the home. Theurer sold the home to the Wrigley family in 1911.

The exterior terra cotta detailing is some of the finest in the city of Chicago and seems to be in excellent condition. Inside the home features several types of wood including cherry, mahogany, and bird’s eye maple. Marble and mosaic work original to the home decorate the entry and bathrooms.

Many interesting original details are still present including a beautiful double sink in the butler’s pantry. Follow along on a guided tour here to see more of the home.
The architect Richard Schmidt was a contemporary of Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright and a member of the first “Chicago School” of architects. He was also commissioned to design the boathouse pavilion at Chicago’s Humboldt Park.

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