Chicago Gold Coast Home by Architect James J. Egan

Architect James J. Egan was an Irish American architect who relocated to Chicago around the time of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

During his time in Chicago, he was a partner with Armstrong & Egan, Egan & Kirkland, and Egan & Prindeville.

He frequently designed structures with Romanesque details which include semi-circular arches, massive, thick walls, groin vaults, and large towers.  These details lend themselves to churches and cathedrals.

This home at 1440 Dearborn Parkway in Chicago   features a heavy stone façade, curved stone entry windows and bay.

The home also includes beautiful original wood paneling and mouldings, lovely outdoor room and a wine cellar.  Many updates include a new kitchen and updated baths.


He is responsible for a number of churches across the United States including

Sacred Heart Cathedral in Davenport, Iowa

St. Paul Cathedral in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

and St. Mary of Assumption Cathedral in San Francisco, California.

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