Is Wallpaper back in style?

One of the latest housing trends this year is wallpaper and specifically patterned designs. But this isn’t your Grandmother’s wallpaper friends. It can be anything from upscale designer looks to funky and whimsical. In addition to the patterns being fresh and new, the application of wallpaper isn’t what it used to be. Easy stick, Peel and Stick, self adhesive, removable, and tempaper are all commonly used terms now to apply towards those wallpapers that won’t take you days with a spray bottle to remove if you should change your mind down the line.

Graham and Brown is one of the more popular vendors for this type of wallpaper click the photo to see an article with 6 of their featured new designs :

Screenshot april 21

Another way to create a similar look are stencils. If the idea of wallpaper just freaks you out, then maybe wall stencils are for you. Don’t worry if you aren’t among the craft inclined. There are simple roll on designs with instructional videos for you to achieve looks like the below:


Royal Design Studio and Cutting Edge Stencils are both online companies that offer stencil supplies, video tutoring, and wonderful easy to use products.

Resale: As a real estate broker I am always thinking about resale and wallpaper or stencils can be very personalized to taste. I would make two points A) it’s your home and you want to enjoy every moment that you are in it, so as long as it is not too permanent of a change go for it! B) When it comes time to sell, consult a real estate professional who can organize a tour of several agents through your home to give thoughts on anything that looks too personalized or anything that may be a turn off to buyers in your marketplace.

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