Is Chicago lifestyle becoming more like New York?

One of the stark differences between Chicago urban lifestyle and New York that I hear people talk about is food on demand. For decades New Yorkers have enjoyed the ability to get quick delivery from almost any of their favorite restaurants. This has not been the case in Chicago. In fact, unless you work in a building with a pedway, for years you may not have found a restaurant for blocks in downtown. But many have noticed over the last several years new pop up restaurants, the evolution of food trucks, and of course the ever expanding Mariano’s grocery store have permeated the Downtown Chicago hemisphere.

Ever the innovators- Uber is now offering Ubereats- a restaurant delivery service that promises your order in 10 minutes! Which begs the question- are we soon to be morphing into a lifestyle more like New York? While the service will be rolled out in a limited fashion for now- just one restaurant a day from 11am-2pm in only the Loop and River North one can only hope it will be extremely popular and make it’s way up the Chicago shore very soon.

For more information click the image below :

blog april 28

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