Evanston Market Update

We couldn’t have better news for this year’s Evanston housing market. March closed 9% above March of 2015 and year to date sales are up 7%! 2015 was a good year but 2016 is looking even better! It’s a wonderful time to list your home in Evanston. Take a look at the other detailed market statistics below and reach out to me anytime if you’d like a free market analysis of your home.


Evanston Spring 2016 April

Evanston Market Update February 2016

How does the Evanston Single Family Home market look so far this year? EXCELLENT! Thanks to this wonderful mild Winter we are having January sales for 2016 were up 50% from 2015. Further, the month’s supply of inventory is the lowest for January in the past 3 years which is phenomenal news for sellers. It’s the perfect time to list your home in Evanston!

Here’s a more detailed look:

Evanston Feb 2016 1

Evanston Feb 2016 2

Evanston feb 2016 3

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Looking for some ideas for New Year’s Resolutions that don’t have to do with dieting? Making some resolutions for your home improve your health, wealth, and lifestyle all in one!

Here are some examples:

Resolution #1 – Reduce Clutter

The most common thing I see when touring homes is clutter. We all have it, even if it’s just the ‘junk drawer’ or the unorganized shoe shelf. Every time you look at it, it can stress you out! Take a day for yourself to go to the Container Store or Hobby Lobby and pick up some great baskets for organizing the closets and shelves. Target also sells some wonderful drawer dividers so you can see your tools and items more easily and make sure that everything has a place.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 8.11.34 AM

Resolution #2 – Spot Checks

It’s easy to put off that furnace service and fireplace cleaning. They’re those not fun expenditures that no one wants to make. But they’re so important to keeping the home functioning well and avoiding more costly problems later on!

chimney sweep

Resolution #3 Re-fresh 1 room

Tackling a whole house remodel can be daunting. Make a budget (even if it’s tiny), do some browsing on sites like Houzz and Pinterest to get some ideas for your room, and go ‘smart shopping.’ Look on Craigslist, at resale shops, or your favorite stores, if you have the budget for it, and give one room a makeover. It will improve the value of your house and give your Winter blues a kick in the pants!

living room

Evanston Market Highlight-$400-600K

$400-600K properties in Evanston have long been a ‘sweet spot’ for sellers. High demand and often low inventory. I am highlighting this market price point this week because it is a particularly good time to sell a property in this range. Take a look at the numbers.

This breakdown shows that the number of properties sold year to date in this range is up 9% and the average days on market is down 11%.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 5.52.36 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 5.55.16 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 5.54.20 AM

The two graphs chart the market progress for the year showing that October property sales were up 37.5% from the previous October and Median sale price is up 7.9%!

What tells us it’s a good time to list NOW? Inventory from last month is down 20%! less competition means your property stands out. Buying demand is still strong. Contact me anytime for a free comparative market analysis of your Evanston, Skokie, or North Shore home.

3 easy and inexpensive updates for your home

As a real estate broker, I am often asked what updates can bring the most return on your investment? While kitchens and baths will always be the mainstays of home renovation, if your budget doesn’t allow for an entire room makeover these are a few simple updates that can freshen up a home and take a few years off!

1.) Change out the old light fixtures

Large brass chandeliers are particularly outdated. You can sub in a whole new look for just a few hundred dollars.

Before: Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 8.50.40 AM



2.) Switch your switches

Changing out your outlets and switches to fresh white makes a bigger impact than you would think. To potential buyers it looks like a younger home.


3.) Door Knobs and Hinges

You may not have the budget to make your entire home look like new construction but for anywhere from a few hundred dollars to around a thousand, depending on how many doors you have, you can have new looking doors. Hinges in particular are pretty easy to do yourself with a little patience and a drill.

Before look:

door handle before

After look:

door handle after 1 door handle after

Chrome, Nickel, Brushed Nickel- whatever your taste, or you can go through a few new construction open houses in your area and see what’s currently popular.