Lighting Trends 2016

Thinking of buying some new lighting for your home in 2016? Excellent! It’s a great upgrade to any home whether you are thinking of selling soon or not. Changing your lighting can enhance the whole look of your room. In particular, in the kitchen it can modernize and bring a kitchen up to date with the latest trends giving it a much younger feel. Here’s a look at what’s hot right now:


sputnik lighting 1

The ‘sputnik’ design as it is best known is everywhere! It’s hugely popular with millennials and brings a cool, modern, architectural element to any room. You can find it in brass which is also a trend right now, as well as a shinier chrome finish, bronze etc. I recommend it for a dining room pop! Also above are the chrome and glass look sconces for bathrooms. This is a big trend for baths right now: chrome- or believe it or not:  gold is back! But not the gold from 10 years ago – a more modern brushed finish. Take a look at any pottery barn or home goods and you’ll see what I mean!


lighting trends 1

Metallics are also on trend. Copper, brass, silver, with the industrial edge.

lighting trends 2 industrial

Speaking of industrial- you’ll see a mix of industrial styles in all major retailers! Think Mid Century Modern. Reclaimed wood and greys in every room mixed with these old timey funky fixtures.

lighting trends 4Spherical chandeliers have been popular for a few years now so fore warning it’s a trend that may be on the way out soon. However, they look gorgeous and still incorporate some of that more architectural look. If traditional style is more your thing you might look into finding a sphere for your space!

Here’s a Great Kitchen

I ran across this very pretty kitchen on Houzz.  The designer incorporated so many interesting details; I thought I’d share it today.

There is a simple elegance about the space, no one thing takes center stage but rather, it all works together.

A white kitchen is classic.  Always fresh.   Introducing blue on the island is a nice nod to the fact that the home is near the water.

Using mirror on the backsplash reflects light into the room and the river view, but it is also inexpensive.

Lots of open shelving provides functional storage and the opportunity to show off beautiful collections.

Bead board behind the open shelves is another detail that give the room an authentic farmhouse feel.

The glass front cabinets create a light and airy feeling, allowing the homeowners to feature beautiful possessions and making it easy to find just the right item.

The addition of the tongue and groove ceiling is a detail that takes a beautiful kitchen a step further.

I love this kitchen!  Go here to read the whole article.

Have a great week!


This and That

Great news in the real estate market; home sales are on the rise and have been increasing steadily for 26 months in a row.  The increase in demand has allowed home prices to increase.  All good, right?  The down-side is that appraisers may find it difficult to accurately analyze the home’s current value, which can lead to disappointing appraisals and that can stop a home sale in its tracks.  What to do?  If possible, try to be prepared for the home appraisal by having recent home sales data available for the appraiser.   An appraiser will use sales figures for comparable homes that have sold within the area, usually within 1 mile of the home being appraised.  And the appraiser will look back through up to 6 months of sales.  Since home values are on the rise, home sale prices from just 6 months ago may not accurately reflect today’s market.  I have found appraisers to be receptive to any factual data I can offer. 

Just in case you are thinking of putting your house on the market soon, this article from Houzz by Laura Gaskill lists key places to spend your dollars.  Some ideas are simple but will still have a big impact on potential buyers.  I like the tips for updating a tired bathroom.

For the past few months I have been enjoying the blog Little Green Notebook by Jenny Komenda.  Jenny is an interior designer and is currently updating her family’s new home.  She offers great DIY tips and lots of inspiration.  I wish I had her energy!

Great Kitchen Remodel

I really enjoyed reading this article on Houzz which highlights a kitchen remodel.  The homeowner’s purchased a home that was built in 1917.  It previously had only one other owner.  The house needed major updates to fit their more contemporary lifestyle but they wanted to honor the home’s heritage, use eco-friendly ideas and stay on budget. 

One of my favorite tips from this story is using material found on-site.  It is amazing what you can find when you look around.  In this house the home-owners framed some old newspaper clippings and used them as wall art in the kitchen.  You can also find great pictures in photography books; inexpensive coffee-table books can be found at used book stores, yard sales, and library sales.

The home-owners found “gold “in the basement.  Downstairs was an old refrigerator with wooden shelving inside.  The shelves and door were used in the kitchen as open-shelving storage and the door on the pantry.

I love back painted glass in different applications.  It is an inexpensive alternative to tile and super easy to clean with no grout lines.  Here the glass was installed behind the stove and painted to match, creating a cheerful orange stripe running up the wall to the hood.

In an effort to save money, a stenciled design was painted on the floor to disguise a floor that was less than perfect.  This is a great, inexpensive fix.  You could also paint the entire floor either a solid color or in a checkerboard pattern.  I love the design they used since it lends a c contemporary feeling to the space.

Finally, they purchased slate chalkboards at a salvage store and were able to create countertops after sanding them, adding a stainless steel edge and applying linseed oil.

I really appreciate the fact that this family chose to re-use and recycle several items in this remodel.  Plus, saving a little money in a few places may allow you to splurge in other areas.  I think this family made some very wise choices, don’t you?